Friday, June 24, 2011

Rescue Rangers

i woke up with the rescue rangers song looping in my head, haha. i think its because of that squirrel i drew earlier. SO here they are :) hope everyone remembers this show. also F U, monty, for looking so weird asljfsdlj


  1. Loved Rescue Rangers.I also had a thing for the Gummi Bears!

  2. Pure awesomeness! Monty was called Samson in the german synchronisation and he was my favorite. Mostly because of his love for cheese, I think :)

  3. OMG!!!! It's tooooo cute!<33333

  4. @WilsonW: Oh I loved the Gummi Bears, too!

    @Katrin: Haha, I can't imagine Monty as a Samson, that's interesting =)

    @IctoRude and Nemuri: Yay! Thanks you guys <3 ^_^

  5. You have to make this into a print, it's so amazing! Did you ever play the Rescue Rangers Nintendo game?

    I found your site because of your Street Fighter pic being on buzzfeed. Love your stuff.