Thursday, October 13, 2011

a dump

zombie kitties-- theys gonna eat your brains!

another portrait commish:

couple of business cards i designed for someone:

aaand some old fanarts i forgot to upload:


  1. i like your style, i like the crash bandicoot design. its sweet.

  2. super duper cool art dump
    Those zombie kitties are to die for!

  3. oh my gooossshhh I LOVE those business cards! I sell things at the same shop that the girl you made them for does and I loved it when I saw them yesterday!

  4. thanks so much you guys! i really appreciate all your feedback and kind words ♥♥

  5. This stuff is so awesome ö.ö

  6. Very cool Chie. I love them all, especially the zombie kittens. Im actually working on a zombie piece(vikings). I realized i needed to zombify more, cause i was holding back, and after seeing yours, i see that i really held back...Keep it up!