Thursday, April 14, 2011

Here is an assignment I did while at the beginning stages of learning Illustrator (and still have a looong way to go). The idea was to create 5 "icons" meshing two separate themes together. As you can see, I chose to do animals and Street Fighter ^_^.

My initial character designs, very weird looking. And trashed the Dhalsim idea:

Changed them to be a bit cuddlier:

Honda hog sketch:

Blanka sketch:


  1. So cute! I really need to practice Illustrator more myself :X

  2. Thanks Mari-chan! Yes, Illustrator is a tricky one-- feels so awkward to draw with at first.

  3. hey there!
    it's J.E. from our ILL-3 class! i was reading thru my fave videogame site when i recognized a certain symbols assignment that was posted!!fanart/5795883

    haha, good stuff! :p

  4. Heya J.E.! I know, i saw it earlier today and was totally surprised! ^_^

  5. I love all your art work! Keep it up! One day... when I'm rich.. I will totally hire you!

    (I promise I'm not a crazy, stalker fan)