Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poster I created for class in Illustrator. Outside Lands, wooot! Their artist lineup is impressive this year :)

A couple rough sketches:


  1. Hey~ Awesome poster! How did you get all that awesome texture??

    One suggestion I would make is that the "food, etc etc" text should be bigger, you know when you select an object path and you choose to fill it with text? I cant explain it properly but I think that would look BANGIN! I cant wait to see more :3

  2. wow!!! definitely definitely love it!!! AND I LOVE YOUR ICON TOO!! omg, you are so good CHIE!!!!!!!!! *_* once again, you blow my mind!! I love yoour icon so much!!!

  3. Aw, thanks a bunch you two. I'm really happy you guys like it!

    Sueann, I just found some random texture on google and put it over my illustration heh. then used the "multiply" effect in the layers and adjusted the opacity. and yah you're right, the bubble text should be bigger, guess i got kinda lazy in that department x).

    neiko! pshaw, haha-- you're so sweet ^w^ Thank you for the kind words. <3